Identification Solutions

Drawing on the centuries of combined experience by its parent companies, Veridos offers a variety of innovative turnkey solutions for secure identification documents. But the product is only part of a much larger package. Veridos’ products and the corresponding systems are always tailored to the customer needs and designed to add value to both card issuer and card holder.

National ID
Citizens and control officers demand national ID solutions that include documents that are easy to use yet not unnecessarily invasive of privacy. Veridos helps navigate the complex process of selecting ID card materials, security features and the right design by taking national traditions and preferences into account.
Residence Permit
Forgery-proof residence permit documents are a must in civil society. Veridos is a trusted partner in navigating issues related to the document as such but also to issuance and personalization and more. Its years of experience also help identify potential secondary applications that add value for both issuer and visa holder.
Voters Registration
Voter registration systems must gather essential citizen data and validate the right to vote, without allowing potential double balloting. Veridos supports enrollment, data management and personalization use cases, and allows for work with legacy or Automated Biometric Identification Systems (ABIS) as well as downstream systems.
A card-based telematics infrastructure does more than just boost efficiency over paper-based systems. It can also help doctors shorten treatment times while fighting the fraud and pharmaceutical counterfeiting that send costs spiraling.
The blizzard of different cards and other IDs prevalent in modern life is perceived by many users as an annoyance and waste of resources. Multi-application cards are a popular and cost-effective alternative, combining citizen-to-government and citizen-to-business applications. Veridos offers those modern, user-friendly cards and systems.